Kamis, Agustus 13, 2009


I love baby phat so much, coz this brand is so friendly with plus size lady like me. It's price tag is also friendly and affordable for me. The style is a bit bling... but it makes chubby girl more confidence.

I love Kimora Lee Simons. She is not with perfect figure, not size 0 or whatever.. chubby and more to hold. But she is so stylish and so bling bling, like me... hehehe.... She makes me not against motifs and bright colour. Bright Colour and motifs are also made in heaven for people like me, people with bit fat...
I never found this brand in Indonesia, but i bought some pieces in HKG and China... love that so much... I love Baby Phat's dress, training suit and shoes..

Kimora, I love you so much.

Hope you like Baby Phat...



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Ayu mengatakan...

Hai Mbak Amy, saya juga sukaa banget sama Kimore because she is huge & curly (just like me..) hehehe.. Next month punya rencana ke Hongkong, Shanghai & Beijing nih mbak, boleh tau bisa nyari Baby Phat dimana di ketiga kota itu? Thanks & GBU, Ayu