Rabu, Agustus 05, 2009


I love pretty and luscious sandals so much ( both high heels and flats )... It is always tempting for me to purchase them. I just found Isle of Capri, Italy made, Canfora Sandals, that has history making sandals for Jackie Kennedy Onassis, former US first lady that i really love her style and her look... And now.. Canfora also makes the most beautiful sandals for present US first lady, Mrs Obama, that famous for her favorite flats.

It might be quite expensive for flat sandals, around euros 170-230, but too bad... i just love them and find it worthed.

Hope you like then as much as i love them.


Amelia Masniari

Thanks to Canfora

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::I. D . A :: mengatakan...

O M G ....so cute....BTW how many pairs of shoes do u hv amy.^••^