Jumat, November 06, 2009


The higher heels the closer to GOD

I love high heels so much... long ago before Carrie Bradshaw addicted to her Jimmy Choo's high heels. I adore them so much, and long time ago, even can run in them, and of course sleep with them with happy face. I know exactly how difficult to make shoes with 14 cm heels. That's why, when my beautiful Mbak Niluh Djelantik sent me her 14 cm heels and so comfortable.... WOWWW... and WOWWWW... the only words came out from my sexy lips.

So stunning, sexy and so bling fit to my feet....

Mbak... i adore all of your shoes and your creativity.


Mbak Niluh Djelantik shoes are official shoes in the latest Julia Robert Film, Eat, Pray and Love... Dont get shock if mbakku shoes will be on hollywood's circle soon after that film launched next year... Just matter of time, Mbak Niluh Djelantik Shoes will be " it " shoes soon...


So hurry and make Mbak Niluh Djelantik shoes part of ur collection... It's so speechless and priceless.

Mbak... I love you


Amelia Masniari

144, Jalan Raya Kerobokan
Kuta 80361 - Bali
Phone : +62 361 733074
Fax : +62 361 738628
Email : niluh@niluhdjelantik.com

3 komentar:

Y-O-E-L mengatakan...

Agree wit u, Girl!!!

High heels for live....to find a fit and comfy shoes with heels (as high as it can be) is one of my mission in life!!! (Overrated? So be it)!!!!!


I found it hard to find the right color I want for my nail so I often decided to mix it myself >.< BTW love the mink muffs, I want that color for my nails.....

warm regards

Y-O-E-L of Prettyinpear

Mi Mi Mi mengatakan...

love your writings,, i wish i can be as good as you :D yep sepatu mbak niluh adalah sepatu yg bakal pertama aku beli dari gaji pertama of my dream job, yay!

Lidya mengatakan...

Mbak, thanks ya buat infonya soal sepatu Mbak Niluh Djelantik. Aku add info itu ke info tentang Bali di halaman website yang saya manage:


Semoga produk Indonesia makin terkenal di luar negeri!