Selasa, Maret 24, 2009



Day 01 London

Arrived in London 10.AM
Check in Hotel at 12 AM
Lunch and shopping in Selfridge with Selfridge’s beauty consultant and fashion stylish
Visiting Burberry’s Factory outlet

Day 02

Clark Village, Sommerset, 2,5 hours from London, to see the biggest factory outlet in UK , where we can get bargain up to 80 % for UK brands like Calvin Klein, Next, La Senza, Body Shop, Jaeger, Topshop, Mark n Spencer, Monsoon, Ashford, ASH, etc…
Lunch in Clark Village
Sight Seeing in Clark Village
Back to London…
Dinner in Bond Streets

Day 3

Tea Time in Jimmy Choo
Shopping around Bond Street to see up scale boutique / UK brand
Lunch Time
High Tea in Harrods and get known about English high tea tradition from Harrods tea expert.
Visiting Harry Winston, to see marvelously Diamonds collection that used by celebrities in red carpet events.


Go To Paris By Bus, Via Tunnel
Arrived in Paris after Lunch Time
Check in
Tea Time in Gallerie Printemps and get known how to mix and match with Parisian style from Galerie Printemps
Dinner Time and watching Moulin Rouge ( additional )

Day 5 Paris

Visiting Hermes and get well known everything about Hermes inc. tea time in Hermes
Lunch Time in in famous Rue the Cambon
Visiting Laboutin and get know why beautiful and exquisite Laboutin’s Shoes are loved by so many rich and famous.
Visiting Chanel and get high tea accompanied by Chanel public relation.
Visiting Cartier

Day 6

Visiting and having lunch in La Valle Village, the most tempting factory outlet in the world, where u can find Givency, Celine, Diesel, Misonni, Zadig and Voltaire, Antik Batik, Lacroix, Jimmy Choo , Max Mara all in half price from price tag.
Optional for those with kids…
Paris Disneyland, closed to La Valle Village. Will be picked up with appointment

Day 7th

Go By Train to Milan after breakfast
Arrived in Milan in the evening.
Having Dinner in romantic ambience of Milan

Day 8th

Get known and being friends of Gucci in the biggest Gucci Flagship Stores in Via Monte Napoleone. Will be greet personally by one of Gucci Heiress…. And get explained everything about Gucci.
Lunch while see and be seen in Via Monte Napoleone.
Visiting all high end brand like Fendi, Tods, Prada in Via Monte Napoleone
Dinner in legendary Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle

Day 9th

Visiting the biggest and the prettiest Factory outlet , Fidenza village, outside Milan. This is the only place that woman can scream like kids.. seeing valentino, versace, dolce gabbana, gucci, misonni, Camper, Bruno Magli, Fendi, all in more than half price. One day will always too short here… hehhehehe…
Dinner in Milan

Day 10th

Visiting the famous Italian Via Spiga and having lunch in the Armani flagship Shop accompanied by Armani, Stylish.
Preparing to check out in the evening to fly back to London

Day 11th

Back in London, Free time and check out and go to airport to fly back to Indonesia. Thank you for having shopping trip with Miss Jinjing.

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Anonim mengatakan...

brapa duit kalo mau ikut shopping trip yang k europe?
by :

K Melisa mengatakan...

ini SHOPPING tour yah?
kapan yah? tgl brp s/d brp?
harga tour nya berapa? dengan pesawat apa?
thank you :)

Pleasant Holiday Vacations mengatakan...

it would be a wonderful experience to meet one of Gucci heiress. How much is the cost for this shopping tour?

nilma hoffmann mengatakan...

Amy...kira2 kapan yach tournya? kali aja aku sempet bisa gabung diparis dan milan...dan kira2 brp yach biayanya tanpa england??
thanks yach

sararocks mengatakan...

aje gile...

mupeng nehh ngliatnya :[

An Eternal Flame mengatakan...

Its my 1st time @ your blog.
Gileee.... langsung disambut beginian. Berapaan sih tournya??

Nice blog!!

Nizya mengatakan...

mba BALLY Factory shop kuga tuh....di NORWICH...keren deh...(ehh masih ada gak ya....abis aku waktu itu udah lama banget kesananya)...and barangnya masih bagus sampe sekarang....

balitamama mengatakan...

ga kebayang deh kalau aku yang ngelakonin tour yang sama....
mimpi kale ye....?

Brape duit?

Anonim mengatakan...

Very interesting!
Kalau dari Malaysia bisa ikut ngak? How much is the cost for the tour?