Kamis, Februari 18, 2010


Roberto Cavalli, Frog ( my mantan pacar nickname... froggy, inspired by kermit )

Roberto Cavalli, Snake.. Inspired me from my beloved Gold Phyton Snake, Jacko, lives in Taman Safari, Cisarua.

I always love jewelry, esp if they are inspired by animals. Looks so exotic, cute and at the same time, beautiful. The more bling, the more merrier... So Miss Jinjing...

And the king of fashion jewelry is My Beloved Uncle Roberto Cavalli.... I adore him so much. Every single item he made is a worthy masterpieces. And that is the main reason to save every single penny, to be able to afford it.

I love Lanvin and Anita Koh too... exquisite and drooling

Lanvin , inspired by Bird... reminds me of Lili and Lala, my mom's bird.

Anita Koh, Lion ring. So beautiful...


Miss Jinjing

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