Selasa, Februari 16, 2010


I am so happy seeing my very best friend, OMAR SJAHNAN SIREGAR.

I love beautiful pics, esp beautiful photos taken as art work, that can shows happiness, passion and intergrity. And one of the best in Indonesia is Mas Lele. Mas Lele art works are so beautiful and so passionate, esp if Miss Jinjing is the object.

He can lift up my mood in seconds, revive all of my passion, and last but not least, his pics speaks loud and screams. You can see my back cover pic, miss jinjing happiness holding her cutie pair of shoes. No doubt... She looks so happy and so passionate with her life. It's really really me. I am so PANTANG MATI GAYA.

On my MISS JINJING PANTANG MATI GAYA launching, Feb 6th, 2010 in Gramedia Grand Indonesia, he was there for me, and took some very beautiful pics of me, with all of his heart. All of them so lovely and beautiful indeed. They show how happy i was at that day, celebrating my MISS JINJING PANTANG MATI GAYA, and surrounding by my love ones.

Mas Lele, i love your beautiful art works, all best wishes for you in the future, for sure also with MISS JINJING.


Miss Jinjing

Mas Lele
Hp 0818688479
fb David Lele

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